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Welcome to CORDIO





Our work is broadly split among natural systems and human systems, with interlinkages between these. Explore the text below and menu above for different topics, and the resources/downloads pages.

1)    coastal and ocean ecosystems - coral reef monitoring; reef resilience; corals; fish; spawning aggregations; coral bleaching; genetics & connectivity; Regional coral bleaching alert

2)    social and economic monitoring and research - socio-economic monitoring (SocMon WIO); resource dependence; migrant fishers; social resilience & adaptation; sustainable livelihoods

3)    integrating science into practice and policy - Marine Protected Areas; fisheries management & fisheries policy; training resources and manuals; impact-oriented meetings & studies;

4)    educating and building capacity - graduate degrees, research support & courses; internships; management & policy capacity building; schools programmes; environmental education; teacher training; adult/participatory education; the public

5)    networking and partnerships - Indian Ocean regions and partners; networks; International partners; national institutions; Memoranda of Understanding

6)    we report in publications, status reports and resources of multiple types





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