Coral bleaching videos

Coral bleaching resistance and resilience to climate change

The factors affecting whether corals bleach and die or not, and the recovery potential of a reef, have been written on extensively in IUCN CCCR publications (see Resources in this website or and in the literature. 

The CCCR also put together short videos illustrating these factors. Watch them here or on CORDIO’s YouTube channel, or order the DVD in PAL or NTSC versions, and currently available in English and Arabic (thanks to HEPCA, Egypt)

Coral bleaching videos – a general introduction (2009)

Each video segment lasts from 2 – 4 minutes.

1) Coral bleaching

2) Coral bleaching differences

3) Shading and screening

4) Water movement

5) Acclimatization

6) Zooxanthellae clades

7) Herbivory

8) Reproduction and Connectivity

9) Resilience-based management