Indian Ocean coral bleaching

1 April 2017 – Bleaching risk has dissipated in almost all regions of the WIO, with only a small risk of minor bleaching forecast for northern Tanzania/Kenya/Somalia.

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For materials and guidance on responding to coral bleaching and mortality, visit this page.

Bleaching alerts from 2009 to date are available further down the page, and more information is available at these links – background and methods.

Bleaching observations 2017

The map is updated using observations made via the bleaching report form (right), or at this link – Data displayed here is updated periodically to the global bleaching database maintained by the NOAA Coral Reef Watch programme.

Access maps for 2016 coral bleaching and mortality observations. 

Report coral bleaching

Submit basic observations on coral bleaching through this embedded window, or go to the google-form at this link. All data will be submitted to the global bleaching form supported by the NOAA Coral Reef Watch programme, and made accessible on a WIO regional database under development.


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