Locally Managed Marine Areas in Kenya

Coastal communities in Kenya are increasingly adopting Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs) to conserve fisheries and marine resources and as a way of securing their livelihoods. During the last seven years we have worked closely with Beach Management Units (BMUs), the fishers management institution on the Kenya, to build their capacity to manage fisheries. community coral reef monitoring

A major project supported by the Small Grants Programme (SGP) of the UNDP completed in mid-2015, built on over 15 years of working with fishing communities in Kenya, and helped establish new LMMAs at the coast, develop legislative guidelines for LMMAs and run training workshops in coral reef monitoring, general skills development and strengthening fisheries governance.

See the following pages for further details and reports on these activities:

History and development of LMMAs in Kenya

Legislative LMMA Guidelines – FINAL report 29 Jun15

Training BMUs in fisheries management and data collection

Training toolkit for LMMA management



And papers in CORDIO’s Status reports for 2000-2008 for reporting on earlier activities with fisher communities.