NMCi background – 2012-14

This page summarizes the development of the Northern Mozambique Channel initiative from 2014 into early 2015.

From 2012-2014 WWF and CORDIO have spearheaded the development of the initiative, building it up in the context of the WIOC (the Consortium for the Conservation of the Western Indian Ocean) and a mandate provided by the Conference of Parties to the Nairobi Convention in Decision COP7/1. Updates on progress in the initiative were presented in documents at the Nairobi Convention COP8 in June 2015, on the previous page.

Reports on partnership meetings

a) World Parks Congress, Sydney Australia, November 2014 – DRAFT;

b) Partners workshop report, Dar es Salaam, June 2014;

c) Partners workshop report, Nosy Be, November 2012.


Development materials during 2014

All of the following materials are drafts/in preparation. They are provided here for download and comments from potential partners.

– a Strategic Framework (SF, in English and French, and 1-pager)

– draft Intermediate Outcomes

– draft Theory of Change

– a Background Document (early draft), expected update, November 2014.

– a brochure and poster (2013);

During 2014, we are building the partnership among NGOs active in the region, under the umbrella of the Nairobi Convention and the WIOC. Materials on this will be posted shortly.

Finally, consultations with countries comprising the Northern Moambique Channel – Comoros, France, Madagascar, Mozambique, Seychelles and Tanzania – are underway to design a country-led process and develop a multi-country proposal to support the initiative. For information on this process, contact us directly.

Recent events:

The initiative was presented at the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 in Sydney Australia, in the following sessions:

– Partners meeting (by invitation), 15 November 17:30-19:00

– Ocean Conservation at Scale (open session), 18 November 17:30-19:00. Playfair 1 room.

– Ocean Pavilion (open session), 19 November 11:30-12:00

Past activities that have led to the current initiative include:

East African Marine Ecoregion work of WWF and partners (and see publications here).

Western Indian Ocean Marine Ecoregion work of WWF and partners, including the RAMP-COI programme of the Indian Ocean Commission

– CORDIO’s past research in the project “Is there a Western Indian Ocean Coral Triangle?