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Past and current interns

Julian K Sitemba (MSc)

Julian is a graduate student at the University of Milan, Bicocca in Italy pursuing an interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Marine Science. She joined CORDIO as an Associate Scientist to study extreme climate events (such as differential sea surface temperatures that cause bleaching in corals) and how rapid changes in environmental conditions can affect the physiology of coral reefs at the genera level. The study explores the response of different coral genera to the thermal stress being experienced in the hot summer swiping through the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) region. This study contributes to her thesis project under the auspices of CORDIO’s Global Monitoring of Environment and Security in Africa (GMES Africa) project for ground-truthing coral bleaching events in Mombasa and Kilifi funded jointly with the Erasmus+ plus (EXTRA UE) grant from the University of Milan, Bicocca.

Julian is keen on leveraging scientific knowledge and data for application in policy, governance and community based natural resource management efforts while augmenting the intersectionality of science and policy in the marine space. She enjoys exploring the marine space whether it is slogging through mudflats, seagrass meadows, sliding on algal growth in the intertidal zones and snorkelling on coral reefs.

This research was made possible thanks to the co-supervisors; Dr. David Obura and Professor Davide Seveso of the University of Milano, Bicocca.

Dismas Ayuya

Dismas Ayuya (Feb – May 2017)Dismas graduated from Kenyatta University in 2014 with a BSc in Coastal and marine resource management. He had a prior internship with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Kiunga. In KWS, he worked under the science for active management (SAM) programme with responsibilities on coral and sea grass monitoring, education and awareness, as well as maintenance of databases. In WWF, he was mainly involved in sea turtle conservation, village banking service, ecological monitoring and BMUs fisheries education. Dismas is motivated to use this experience with CORDIO to improve his analytical skills as well as develop his knowledge on coral reef fisheries research.

Jack Coupland
Jack Coupland

Jack Coupland (Mid-current 2015) is an international intern at CORDIO. He is currently working on the collation of multiple datasets on coral reef resilience for the Western Indian Ocean region. He is a graduate of Zoology BSc from the University of Exeter and has since worked at research stations in Southern Africa, the Caribbean and Europe, studying a wide variety of fauna. He has experience at conducting underwater surveys in coral reef environments and is very keen to improve his knowledge on mitigating the effects climate change has on coral reefs, as well as expanding his skills on data processing and statistical analysis in R-computing.

Josphat Nguu
Josphat Nguu Gachoki

Josphat Gachoki Nguu (Early to mid – 2014) is a fourth year student from Kenyatta University, Mombasa Campus. He is pursuing a BSc in Coastal and Marine Resource Management. Josphat works under the coral reefs programme on the coral species database, setting it up on Scratchpads and establishing a publication-flow related to his Undergraduate thesis project. He has a keen interest in gaining skills in developing research design for coral reef surveys, coral reef data analysis, coral reef management, and GIS. He is proficient in water quality assessment, fish breeding, data collection and analysis and coral community identification.

Hashim Omar Said
Hashim Omar Said

Hashim Omar Said (Late – 2014) is a fourth-year student at Pwani University, Department of Environmental Sciences. He joins CORDIO under the Fish and Fisheries programme with a keen interest to improving his skills and gain some valuable experiences in the Marine Environment. He completed a BSc dissertation on human wildlife conflict mitigation measures assessment: the case of Shimba Hills National Reserve Kenya. He is a team player, result-oriented and adaptive to change. He is proficient in MS office suite, administering questionnaires and has additional training in climate vulnerability, capability and biodiversity assessment. He has great interest in swimming, Shotokan karate, team building and networking.

Emma R. Bush

Emma R. Bush (early 2013) is a volunteer international intern at CORDIO, joining us to study the extent of mosquito net fishing and its role in the livelihoods of artisanal fisher communities along the Kenyan coast. She is currently studying for an MSc in Conservation Science at Imperial College University, London and is particularly interested in sustainable natural resource use and the cross over between conservation and development in lower income countries. Emma likes spending most of her free time outdoors, climbing, swimming, surfing and hiking.