Strategic Plan 2021-2025

CORDIO East Africa team is looking forward to an exciting and productive five-year programme to address our mission to improve the health and resilience of marine ecosystems and coastal peoples’ well-being in the Western Indian Ocean.

This new Strategic Plan outlines CORDIO’s innovative approach in research, conservation action and support to policy and governance, and is captured in four Goals:
1. IMPROVING POLICY AND GOVERNANCE for marine biodiversity and the people dependent on it.
2. SUPPORTING LOCAL MANAGEMENT of marine resources by strengthening LMMAs and other co-management approaches in Kenya and across the Western Indian Ocean (WIO).
3. BUILDING SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE and capacity for marine conservation and management.
4. STRENGTHENING CORDIO’S INTERNAL CAPACITY, with a focus on internal leadership and team development, fundraising, and communications.

CORDIO will achieve these goals through building on our established reputation as a world-class scientific research organisation and leader in coral reef ecology, tropical small-scale fisheries and monitoring.