Strategic Plan 2016-2020

In 2016 CORDIO East Africa developed a new Strategic Plan, updating CORDIO’s mandate to the next decade.

Download our Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020 here.


CORDIO East Africa is a research and conservation organisation focused on marine and coastal ecosystems in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO). We focus on coral reefs, but in a broad context which includes climate change, resilience, long term monitoring, artisanal fisheries, community based management approaches, mitigation of climate change impacts and endangered species protection.

 CORDIO’s Mission is to generate and share scientifically sound knowledge and develop solutions to the problems and challenges facing coastal and marine environments and people in the Western Indian Ocean. Our Vision is to see healthy coastal and marine environments in the WIO supporting improved livelihoods and wellbeing of coastal people through  effective governance.

 This new Strategic Plan has an ambitious Goal for 2020:  To mitigate the effects of climate change by improving evidence-based decision making to manage coastal ecosystems sustainably, and thereby assist WIO countries to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular No. 14 (Oceans).

 We will address this goal through five strategic objectives:

1) To contribute scientific knowledge on coastal and ocean ecosystems in the context of climate change: to understand their vulnerabilities and resilience

2) To integrate science, practice and governance at local, national and regional levels

3) To build the capacity of communities to co-manage their resources and to decrease their vulnerability

4) To contribute to improved regional decision making through strengthened partnerships that implement solutions for managing marine and coastal systems sustainably

5) To strengthen CORDIO’s internal capacity to effectively and efficiently implement our strategic plan.



CORDIO started in 1999 in response to the massive global coral bleaching event of 1998 and operated as a regional network with coordination nodes in Sweden, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Seychelles.

CORDIO East Africa was registered in 2003 in Kenya as a not-for-profit research organisation. In 2007 CORDIO East Africa became the lead centre.

CORDIO East Africa has 3 Directors, 2 of which actively run the organisation and implement the Strategic Plan. The Advisory Board is currently made up of a further 3 members.

7 full time staff and 4 Associates managed a portfolio of 24 projects between 2010 and 2015, with an average annual budget of $220,000 – $440,000.