Alerting the WIO to coral bleaching in the International Year of the Reef!

In 2018, the 3rd International Year of the Reef, CORDIO is keeping up with its mandate that it began in 2007, of producing the bi-monthly Western Indian Ocean bleaching alerts during the regional summer.

To kick start this annual activity, CORDIO has already sent out two bleaching alerts to partners in the Western Indian Ocean region for mid-January and the start of February.


The bleaching alerts are used by CORDIO to inform regional partners about the latest climatic and bleaching developments, allowing them to prepare for any impending bleaching events in their area. The alerts utilise the bleaching satellite products of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Coral Reef Watch Initiative.  Further, the alerts are customised using local and regional climatic factors and are accessible to different user groups, ranging from protected area managers to researchers.


The bleaching conditions are categorised into 3 levels which are:

  1. ‘warning’ – indications of warmer conditions that may result in some bleaching.
  2. ‘Level 1’ – moderate bleaching possible.
  3. ‘Level 2’ – severe bleaching likely.

You can submit your own bleaching observations to us using our bleaching report form.

For further information concerning the bleaching alerts, please follow this link.

Map showing WIO coral bleaching observations submitted to CORDIO in 2017