Bleaching response WIO 2016

Over 70 organizations and individuals responded to the coral bleaching event in 2016 in the Western Indian Ocean, reporting 680 observations of through an online reporting form.

Dr. David Obura and Mishal Gudka of CORDIO East Africa (CORDIO EA), supported through the Biodiversity Project of the Indian Ocean Commission, present an overview of the 2016 coral bleaching event in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO), including some preliminary results from the analysis of regional bleaching data.

This was presented as a webinar on the reef resilience forum ( and gave participants an opportunity to reflect on their 2016 bleaching monitoring and management plans and explore potential areas to improve them, as well as to discuss issues and concerns, and raise questions.

The webinar can be viewed in the window below, further discussions around it on the Western Indian Ocean Group at the RR Forum here, and it and other webinars on reef management on the RR website here.