Blue in Focus – Southeast Asia

Steve Taylor 2015-b

Steve Taylor’s video documentary travels to the other side of the Indian Ocean to see where seafood caught in East Africa goes to, and the state reefs there as well. These two promos take us to Hong Kong, the center of the global seafood trade, and the beautiful reefs of Alor in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Blue in Focus is a new documentary series on our planet’s rapidly disappearing marine biodiversity and will take two years to complete.

Blue in Focus, by Green Heart Films, will be shot in the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and the S. Atlantic and will look at subjects such as overfishing and non sustainable activities and the impact that these will have upon local coastal communities around the world.

CORDIO is teaming up with Steve and Green Heart Films to support the documentary as a scientific advisor and help with the storyline … and to promote the education and awreness that video can bring to change how we deal with our seas.

We are crowdfunding at – please support the movie, and check out and LIKE the facebook page.


See Promo’s 1, 2 and 3, on East Africa, here.

Watch these videos here, or click on the links to go to the videos on Vimeo, and on Green Heart Films’ website.

Promo #5, April 2016 – Alor, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Blue In Focus Promo 5 – Indonesia from Green Heart Films on Vimeo.



Promo #4, April 2016 – Hong Kong

Blue In Focus Promo 4 from Green Heart Films on Vimeo.