Convention on Biological Diversity

12th Conference of Parties, 6 – 17 October 2014,

Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea


The official website of the CBD-COP12 can be accessed here, and decisions taken at the COP here. In particular, a major decision was taken on Priority Actions to Protect Coral Reefs.


The Global Biodiversity Outlook 4 was released for the COP, with depressing news for coral reefs. The indicators for Target 10, on reducing multiple stressors on ecosystems vulnerable to climate change, was one of the few indicators REGRESSING. More needs to be done!



Technical sessions at COP12

CORDIO participated in the technical proceedings of the COP (see events below) by the Marine programme of the Secretariat of the CBD, in relation to description of Ecologically or Biologically Significant Areas (EBSAs) and presentation of draft decisions to the COP on Ocean Acidification and a Coral Reef Action Plan.


3 - 4 October - Sustainable Ocean Initiative (SOI) Global Partnership Meeting

A global platform to build partnerships and enhance capacity to achieve the Aichi Biodiversity Targets related to marine and coastal biodiversity

For more information on the SOI

Watch for news on the High Level Event at the CBD COP12, on 16 October 2014

Subsequent to the COP, a Capacity Building workshop for Marine Spatial Planning for Eastern Africa was incorporated in the SOI 2015-2020 Action Plan, and is under development. See this page or details.

7 October 2014 - Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine Areas in the World Oceans

This event will update the results of seven regional EBSA workshops held in various regions around the world, convened by the CBD Secretariat together with various global and regional partners, involving more than 100 Parties and other Governments. 13:15 – 14:45; Hall F, Room 2 – LMMC Meeting Room

Go here for more information on EBSAs, or download a brochure (7.7MB)

Report on the EBSA workshop for the Southern Indian Ocean (Mauritius, July 2012)

8 October -

Updated Scientific Synthesis on the Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Marine and Coastal Biodiversity

This event will provide the details of the updated scientific synthesis on the impacts of ocean acidification on marine and coastal biodiversity, as requested by COP 11 (decision XI/18). 13:15 – 14:45; Hall F, Room 2 – LMMC Meeting Room

Download the updated synthesis on impacts from Ocean Acidification (4.4 MB), or get it from the CBD repository on Technical Reports

9 October - Priority Actions to Achieve Aichi Biodiversity Target 10 for Coral Reefs and Closely Associated Ecosystems

This side event will review recent activities of the CBD Secretariat on marine spatial planning, conducted in collaboration with various Parties and organizations. In particular, the side event will discuss the outcomes of a CBD expert workshop on marine spatial planning, held in September 2014. 13:15 – 14:45; Hall F, Room 2 – LMMC Meeting Room

The recommendation from SBSTTA 18 (June 2014) to the COP for a Coral Reef Action Plan (with other elements on Ocean Acidification, Marine Spatial Planning and effects of Underwater Noise) (or download it from here).

10 October - Managing Coral Reefs for Resilience to Climate Change - Progress Made and Key Priorities Towards Meeting Aichi Target 10

The event will share information on coral reef planning and management approaches that safeguard or enhance coral reef resilience to increasing threats from climate change. Through presentations and panel discussion the event will review experiences and progress made, and discuss further actions and measures towards managing and conserving coral reefs for ecosystem service provision in the long term. 13:15 – 14:45; Hall F, Room 2 – LMMC Meeting Room; UNITED NATION ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME AND INTERNATIONAL CORAL REEF INITIATIVE