Sustainable Ocean Initiative – MSP workshop 2015

logo-CBD-Cop12-logoThe Sustainable Ocean Initiative (SOI) is a programme of support for the marine Aichi Targets of the Convention on Biological Diversity (see below). It is convening a Capacity-Building Workshop for East Africa from 18 to 22 January 2016, in Nosy Be, Madagascar.

The workshop is being hosted by the Government of Madagascar, in collaboration with the Nairobi Convention Secretariat and the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) as well as various other relevant UN/international and regional organizations and initiatives. The workshop is financially supported by the Government of Japan, through the Japan Biodiversity Fund, and the Government of France, through the French MPA Agency (Agence des aires marines protégées).

The workshop will focus on marine spatial planning towards achieving the Aichi Biodiversity Targets in marine and coastal areas in a holistic manner, building on regional experiences in:

(i) integrated marine and coastal area management,

(ii) the description of ecologically or biologically significant marine areas (EBSAs), and

(iii) the application of impact assessments, such as environmental impact assessments and strategic environmental assessments.

It will also facilitate scientific, technical and financial partnerships for effective implementation of various management tools and approaches.

The Sustainable Ocean Initiative is a global platform that aims to build partnerships and enhance capacity to achieve the Aichi Biodiversity Targets most relevant to marine and coastal biodiversity (in particular Targets 6, 10 and 11). This SOI training Workshop is a key component of the SOI Action Plan 2015-2020 developed by SOI partners at a High-level meeting held in conjunction with the COP 12 of the CBD in 2014.


To participate in the workshopThe Marine Aichi Targets

Participation in the workshop is by nomination, accompanied by a CV (see downloads below, and available from the CBD directly here).

National participants – participation at the workshop will be by nomination from Parties to the CBD, from which one expert involved in integrated marine and coastal area management (Aichi Biodiversity Target 11), and one expert involved in sustainable fisheries management (Aichi Biodiversity Target 6) are sought. Nominations of these experts is done through CBD National Focal Points.

Organizations – relevant regional organizations and initiatives are invited to nominate one expert to participate in this workshop. See the documents below for details.


See the documents on the CBD website here.

Download the nomination/announcement letter here.

Download the nomination form here.

559 Aichi6

Target 6: By 2020 all fish and invertebrate stocks and aquatic plants are managed and harvested sustainably, legally and applying ecosystem based approaches, so that overfishing is avoided, recovery plans and measures are in place for all de- pleted species, fisheries have no significant adverse impacts on threatened species and vulnerable ecosystems and the impacts of fisheries on stocks, species and ecosystems are within safe ecological limits.

559 Aichi10

Target 10: By 2015, the multiple anthropogenic pressures on coral reefs, and other vulnerable ecosystems impacted by climate change or ocean acidification are minimized, so as to maintain their integrity and functioning.

559 Aichi2

Target 11: By 2020, at least 17 per cent of terrestrial and inland water, and 10 per cent of coastal and marine areas, especially areas of particular importance for biodiversity and ecosystem services, are conserved through effectively and equitably managed, ecologically representative and well connected systems of protected areas and other effective area-based conservation measures, and integrated into the wider land- scape and seascapes.


All nominations must be received at the earliest convenience but no later than Friday, 18 September 2015

Nominations should be scanned and attached to an e-mail addressed to; or faxed to +1 (514) 288-6588).

Workshop materials will be forwarded to the selected experts and posted on the CBD website in due course. The workshop will be conducted in English and French.