Reef resilience assessments

From 2007-2010, CORDIO provided the coordination and chairing of the IUCN Climate Change and Coral Reefs working group, which was supported by the Macarthur Foundation. Leadership roles in the group were provided by The Nature Consevancy and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

The website of the working group at IUCN holds a range of publications on coral reef, seagrass, mangrove and social resilience to climate change.

Assessing coral reef resilience

A primary output of the IUCN-CCCR was a general method for measuring resilience of coral reefs, to which CORDIO’s experience in coral reef monitoring contributed significantly. The goal of the method was to test which variables are most appropriate for measuring reef resilience, in order to inform management of coral reefs.

Other publications were also prepared, available from the bookshelves below.

Coral bleaching video

In addition to these publications, a DVD on coral bleaching resistance and resilience has been produced. See this page to view the 9 video clips, about 30 minutes total.