Our Engagement


CORDIO has continued to forge partnerships through global frameworks in its quest on being an active player in tackling complex issues revolving around the management and conservation of coastal and marine resources.
Through such involvement, CORDIO has lent its technical expertise at a regional level to projects initiated by global player in marine research and conservation. The pooling of expertise and resources from a wide range of stakeholders has led to the creation of solutions aimed at solving transboundary issues affecting the marine environment.
In 2017, CORDIO’s mandate, carried over from the previous years, notably 2016 has led to the extensive contribution in regional policy and decision making through partnerships to implement solutions for the sustainable management of marine and coastal systems. The wide knowledge base and experience held by CORDIO has seen it aid regional stakeholders through the implementation of global initiatives to improve the resilience of coral reefs through conservation and management. This has further been made possible through meaningful partnerships with regional associations and bodies such as the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC), the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA).
Various regional processes have been influenced by global frameworks in which CORDIO is an active participant such as the Global Ocean Observation System (GOOS), Group on Earth Observations’ Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (GEOBON/MBON), the IUCN Species Survival Commission and the Mission Blue Hope Spots.