Finance & Admin


CORDIO has maintained strong financial and administrative management systems that have ensured that it maintenance of a healthy financial position in 2017

The following programs make up finance and administrative unit:
•Grants & contract management
•Financial Management
•Human Resource Management
•Office Management and Administration

Over the years, CORDIO has developed a strong reputation as a reliable organization over its 18-year history of effective grant and project management for a broad range of partners and donors. In 2017, CORDIO managed a portfolio of 16 grants while continuing to gain the confidence of more donors with 5 new projects granted and valued at over $170,000.


In 2017, the CORDIO team constituted 2 active Directors, 7 full time staff in the Finance, Fish and Fisheries, Social Sciences and Corals and Reef Ecology departments and 8 associates.

Additionally, CORDIO continued to mentor and inspire upcoming scientists through internships and educational talks. In 2017 CORDIO admitted three interns from both local and international universities to the internship Programme. Of this, one Intern was absorbed into the organisation as a research assistant.