Partners, collaborators and donors

Collaboration in the research field is nothing new. However, it is becoming increasingly important in the modern world as we become more connected by a common threat of a changing climate.

CORDIO’s effectiveness as a research and conservation organisation is enhanced through contributions, collaborations and partnerships with a diverse network consisting of government institutions, individual researches, community organisations, NGOs, academic institutions, and the private sector. CORDIO’s model when implementing project activities is to where appropriate, strategically partner with an established and reputable local institution/entity, to increase the effectiveness and overall benefits of the project. Contributions and collaborations can take the form of data contributions to regional data-aggregation efforts, shared publication writing, fieldwork etc. Some of the key partners and collaborators for project activities in 2017 are listed below
Through meaningful collaboration with Indian Ocean Commission (IOC), Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA),Northern Mozambique Channel Initiative, Nairobi Convention and National Environmental Management bodies e.g. NEMA in Kenya, CORDIO managed to contribute to solving various environmental related challenges.

CORDIO’s key partners in the WIO.

As a non-profit research organisation, CORDIO depends on grants with a focus on marine science to fund its activities, which are attained through competitive application processes. Donors can be national aid agencies, regional entities, inter-governmental programmes, other larger NGOs etc.

In 2017, CORDIO undertook five new project and 11 existing projects, with a total annual budget of USD$418,000. We would like to thank all the project donors, who are listed below.

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