CORDIO Staff Team Building 2015

CORDIO Team Building 2015 (21)

As a common saying goes “all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy”. CORDIO staff sought to wrap up the year in style. The team of scientists and administrators delved into what some might term as uncharted territories of the marine world with sole mission of conquering the unique shores of Kuruwitu. On Friday 4th December 2015 all roads led to one of the most successful models of community marine conservation, in Kuruwitu, north of Mombasa. This was the venue for a long awaited team building and fun day event organized for CORDIO staff.

CORDIO Team Building 2015 (82)The day began with James and Jack showcasing their culinary prowess, shedding copious tears perhaps attributed to the massive amounts of onions they were chopping. The day’s programme was unveiled – focused around having fun, learning something new and evaluating the year’s achievements and opportunities. After morning preparations in the office with kind guidance from Jane (our office assistant), we hit the road for Kuruwitu.

In Kuruwitu, we were met by the self-trained, knowledgeable and experienced guide and fisherman Katana Ngala who shared his programme of activities, ranging from athletics, snorkeling (a first for many), and ball games, to moments of reflection in the afternoon.

To kick off with excitement, the team CORDIO Team Building 2015 (35)warmed up with dribbling a football, closely followed by memorable snorkeling in the Kuruwitu conservation area where Katana humbly gave us the history of Kuruwitu and key protocols to observe while snorkeling in the area.

James notes that he was moved at the toughness and exceptional energy that his colleagues would play football and move with courage into the deep colonies of sea urchins. It was an uphill task getting people out of the waters, with most having the time of their lives. The team demonstrated its remarkable listening, CORDIO Team Building 2015 (65)communication and negotiation skills whist playing various activities, including the shrinking water game, mine field and back to back mirror game.

In the late afternoon Lenice marshalled a troop of young kids to clean up the beach of Kuruwitu, contributing towards reduction of the amount of litter that finds itself in the ocean after heavy rains.

The day wrapped up CORDIO Team Building 2015 (26)with a dinner at the Moorings seafood restaurant, floating on Mtwapa creek with a great waterfront setting and spectacular view. It’s recognized also as one of the oldest, well known restaurant that boost of great and sumptuous fish, lobster, crab and prawn cuisine.




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“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” Andrew Carnegie