CORDIO Status Report 2008

This is the fifth in the series of CORDIO Status Reports, following reports in 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2005.

This publication reflects the evolution of the CORDIO programme in response to progressing threats from climate change as well as human activities.

In all, the report includes 48 articles in sections covering overviews and regional summaries; reports on status, tsunami impact, biological research, fish spawning aggregations, artisanal fisheries, socioeconomics and livelihoods, and education and awareness.

Citation: Obura, D.O., Tamelander, J., & Linden, O. (Eds) (2008) Ten years after bleaching – facing the consequences of climate change in the Indian Ocean. CORDIO Status Report 2008. CORDIO (Coastal Oceans Research and Development, Indian Ocean)/Sida-SAREC. Mombasa. 493 pp.

Download the entire report in 3 sections or select individual papers below.

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PART 1 – Summaries and early sections

PART 2 – Coral Reef Status Reports

Status of Coral Reefs in the Surin and Similan Archipelagos, Thailand
Niphon Phongsuwan, Chaimongkol Yamarunpattana, Sathika Paokanta & Papangkorn Areechon

Status of Coral Reefs in Northern, Western and Southern Coastal Waters of Sri Lanka
Arjan Rajasuriya

Impacts of Reef Related Resource Exploitation on Coral Reefs: Some Cases from Southern Sri Lanka
P.B. Terney Pradeep Kumara, W.A.A.U. Kumara,H.A.A. Sandaruwan, R.G.A. Iroshanie, H.B.L. Upendra & P.R.T. Cumarantunga

Patterns of Benthic Recovery in the Lakshadweep Islands
Rohan Arthur

Status of Coral Reefs of the Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern India
J.K. Patterson Edward, G. Mathews, Jamila Patterson, R. Ramkumar, Dan Wilhelmsson, Jerker Tamelander & Olof Linden

Status and Recovery of the Coral Reefs of the Chagos Archipelago, British Indian
Ocean Territory
Alasdair Harris & Charles Sheppard

Status of Carbonate Reefs of the Amirantes and Alphonse Groups Southern Seychelles
Annelise B. Hagan, Sarah Hamylton & Tom Spencer

Mohéli Marine Park, Comoros Successes and Challenges of the
Co-Management Approach
Melissa Hauzer, Chris Poonian & Cheikh Moussa Iboura

Coral Reef Monitoring in Marine Reserves of Northern Madagascar
Simon Harding & Bemahafaly Randriamanantsoa

Studies on Reef Connectivity Within the Context of the Transmap Project
M.H. Schleyer, A.H.H. Macdonald, D.E. Starzak, B.Q. Mann, J.P. Paula, I. Silva, A. Costa, A. Macia & D. Abreu

South African Reefs: Current Status
and Research

Michael H. Schleyer, Louis Celliers, David Glassom, Angus H.H. Macdonald, Alke Kruger, Dorota E. Starzak & Camilla Floros

Update on Coral Reef Activities in Mozambique (2004-2006)
Marcos A.M. Pereira, Eduardo J.S. Videira & Alice C.D. Costa

Co-Management of the Reef at Vamizi Island, Northern Mozambique
Julie Garnier, Isabel Silva, Johnston Davidson, Nicholas Hill, Lara Muaves, Santos Mucaves, Almeida Guissamulo & Alison Shaw

Approaches to Coral Reef Monitoring in Tanzania
Christopher A. Muhando

Scleractinian Coral Fauna of the WesternIndian Ocean.
David O. Obura

PART 3 – Tsunami Impacts

Post Tsunami Status of Coral Reef and Fish in Northern Aceh
E. Rudi, S.A. Elrahimi, S. Irawan, R.A. Valentino, Surikawati, Yulizar, Munandar, T. Kartawijaya, Y. Herdiana, F. Setiawan, S. Rizal & S.T. Pardede

Fishing Controls, Habitat Protection and Reef Fish Conservation in Aceh

Stuart J. Campbell, Tasrif Kartawijaya, Rizya L. Ardiwijaya, Ahmad Mukmunin, Yudi Herdiana, Edy Rudi, Ayie Nurvita & Robby Andar V.

Status of Earthquake and Tsunami Affected Coral Reefs in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
Dr. Sarang Kulkarni, Vardhan Patankar & Elrika D’souza

Assessment of Tsunami Impacts on the Marine Environment of the Seychelles
David Obura & Ameer Abdulla

PART 4 – Biological Research

The Effects of Habitat on Coral Resistance and Resilience to Bleaching
G. Grimsditch, J. Kilonzo & N. Amiyo

Spawning Patterns of Acropora species in the Mombasa Lagoon in Kenya
Sangeeta Mangubhai

Spatial and Temporal Variation in Coral Recruitment and Mortality
in Coastal Kenya

Juliet F. Karisa, Boaz Kaunda-Arara& David Obura

High Zooxanthellae Densities and Turnover Correlate with Low Bleaching
Tolerance in Kenyan Corals

G. Grimsditch, J. Mwaura, J. Kilonzo, N. Amiyo & D. Obura

Zooxanthellae Densities are Highest in Summer Months in Equatorial Corals in Kenya
G. Grimsditch, J. Mwaura, J. Kilonzo, N. Amiyo & D. Obura

A Description of Acropora sp. 1 in the Mombasa Lagoon in Kenya – A New Species or a Potential Hybrid?
Sangeeta Mangubhai

The Lallie Didham Coral and Shell Collection, at CORDIO East Africa
David Obura, Rose Machaku & Laurence DeFrise

Resilience-Integrating Science and Management in Coral Reefs Relevant to Climate Change
David Obura & Gabriel Grimsditch

PART 5 – Fish Spawning Aggregations

Reef Fish Spawning Aggregations in the Western Indian Ocean: Current Knowledge and Implications for Management
Jan Robinson, Melita Samoilys & Patrick Kimani

Reef Fish Spawning Aggregations in South Asia and the Andaman Sea: Preliminary
Findings from Local Knowledge

J. Tamelander, S. Sattar, U. Satapoomin, S. Campbell, J.K. Patterson Edward, V. Hoon, M. Chandi, R. Arthur, S. Adam & M.Samoilys

PART 6 – Artisanal Fisheries Research

The Small-scale Reef Fishery at Phuket Island, Thailand Andaman Sea Coast

Ukkrit Satapoomin & Kanlaya Chawanon

The Artisanal Reef Fishery on Agatti Island, Union Territory of Lakshadweep, India
J. Tamelander & V. Hoon

Increasing Catch in an Over-exploited Reef Fishery: Diani-Chale, Kenya, from 1998 to 2006
G.W. Maina, D. Obura, H. Alidina & B. Munywoki

Estimating Total Fishing Effort over Tidal to Annual Periods in the Diani-Chale-Gazi Reef Fishery in Kenya
Paul Tuda, William Nyaga, George Waweru Maina, Innocent Wanyonyi & David Obura

Assessment of Fisherfolk Organizations and Beach Management Units (BMU) in the Management of Fishery Resources in Diani-Chale, Southern Kenya
Stephen J. Oluoch & David Obura

Development of a Web-based Geographic Information System as a Decision Tool to Support Fisheries Science and Management: A Case Study of Diani-Chale, Kenya
B. Munywoki, D.Obura & G.W. Maina

PART 7 – Socio-economics and Livelihoods

Flip – Flop: Recycling for Social and Environmental Regeneration
Tahreni Bwaanali & Julie Church

Additional and Alternative Occupations for the Urak Lawoi Sea Nomads of Phuket, Thailand
Narumon Arunothai, Paladej Na Pombejra, & Jeerawan Buntowtook

The Coral Reefs and Livelihoods Initiative (CORALI) – Building an Improved Approach to Livelihood Enhancement and Diversification with Coral Reef Users in South Asia and the Andaman Sea
B. Cattermoul, G. Sriskanthan, & J. Campbell

Awareness Creation in Coral Reef Conservation in the Gulf of Mannar,
Southeastern India

Jamila Patterson, J.K. Patterson Edward, V. Deepak Samuel, Dan Wilhelmsson, Jerker Tamelander & Olof Linden

Human Dimensions of Madagascar’s Marine Protected Areas
Joshua Cinner & Mariana Fuentes

Socioeconomic Monitoring Initiative for Velondriake Community Managed Protected Area, Madagascar
Andriamalala Gildas & Alasdair Harris

Socioeconomic Monitoring Initiative at Rivière Banane, Rodrigues
Emily. R. Hardman, Mathew Bunce, Eric F. I. Blais, Sabriné M. Desiré, Jiovanno S., J. Raffin & Sydney Perrine

Coastal Communities Adaptation and Resiliency to Vulnerability: An Analysis of Livelihood Activities in Kenya
Innocent N. Wanyonyi, David Obura & Delphine Malleret-King

In the Face of Poverty Mangrove Wetlands are Lifelines: Viability Indicators in Silvofishery Initiatives along the Kenyan Coast Assessing Polyculture of Milkfish (Chanos chanos) and Mullets (Mugil mugil)
H.O.D. Mirera

PART 8 – Education and Awareness

Teacher Training for Education on Marine Resources Conservation in Thailand
Somchai Sakoolthap, Wannee Wannapruk, Sirichai Issarschote, Jamlong Boonsiri, Porntip Ngansakul, Krissanon Chindamaikul, Nitiya Sangkhanan, Pahol Rongkul, Wiwaewan Tapabut, Sineenart Puangmanee, Siwat Somluk & Nirut Sukkasem

An Education and Awareness Program on Coral Reefs in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Dr. Sarang Kulkarni, Vardhan Patankar & Elrika D’souza

Marine Environmental Education in Kenya
Sarah Ater