Countries of the Nairobi Convention Support Northern Mozambique Channel initiative

The Northern Mozambique Channel initiative

At COP8 of the Nairobi Convention, the Contracting Parties showed their support for the initiative, and for fundraising to support it, in Decision CP8/6: Support to Implementation of Projects 

1.  To request Contracting Parties, the Global Environment Facility and other partners, as appropriate, to support projects on:

… b) the Northern Mozambique Channel as a good example of integrated ocean management approach

The following documents were formally submitted to the Secretariat to the Convention to update the Contracting Parties on activities to date in the Northern Mozambique Channel initiative, and the framework proposal under preparation, with ongoing consultations through the Convention Focal Points in the countries.

Background/supporting documents developed by the NMCi partners are provided below, for further information.

The NMCi was presented in three sessions in COP8:

1) Partnership workshop (19 June), to update broader regional partners and seek increased support from new partners;

2) Heads of Delegations meeting (23 June), to present the Update on progress, and decision requested;

3) Blue Economy workshop (17-18 June), through the Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services study (see documents below).

Additional reference to the NMC was made as a beneficiary of Marine Spatial Planning capacity building and development at the regional level.

All of this built on a Decision at COP7 of the Nairobi Convention, in Maputo, in December 2012, and work to implement that decision, summarized here.

Supporting documentation is available above, to view online or download.

List of Documents:

  • Update on NMC submitted to COP8 (5 pages)
  • Factsheet on the NMCi (2 pages)
  • Strategic Framework (3 pages)
  • A Background Document, laying out the special features and potential of the Northern Mozambique Channel (52 pages)
  • A Framework proposal for funding the NMCi (based on draft GEF-PIF proposal)
  • Valuation of Ecosystem Goods and Services in the Northern Mozambique Channel
    • Summary submitted to the COP (6 pages)
    • The full report authored by Paulo Nuñes & Andrea Ghermandi