How healthy are our oceans?

Determining ocean health requires an approach that integrates social, economic, and environmental information. The Ocean Health Index (OHI) does this by measuring progress towards widely held goals that represent key benefits and services provided by marine ecosystems. By analyzing these goals together we obtain a comprehensive picture of the state of the ecosystem.


The Ocean Health Index project

The Ocean Health Index is a way to combine social, economic, and environmental data to measure progress towards a suite of benefits people expect healthy oceans to provide – including seafood, protection from storms, and employment. Every year since 2012, the OHI team has tracked change in global ocean health for 220 coastal nations and territories. The team is also helping build a growing network of independent groups around the world to use the OHI to understand their own oceans.

Learn more and explore ongoing assessments at ohi-science.org. Additionally, read our publications about best practices for assessing ocean health and how OHI assessments are transparent and repeatable. A full list of publications is available here.