The final stage of knowledge, wisdom, is in practice the development or contribution to policy and decision-making that influences other subordinate decisions. This may arise as a longer term outcome of projects, or often through involvement/engagement in policy and larger scale processes, such as at national, regional or global levels.

At CORDIO, we specialise in generating knowledge to find solutions that benefit marine ecosystems and people through a wide range of topics from the biology of populations and species, to genetic patterns, ecological interactions and large scale geographic variation in reef ecology and species distributions.

In 2017, our commitment to produce various knowledge products that contribute to greater knowledge prevailed. We actively engaged in generating, disseminating and extending this knowledge making it accessible for use in management planning, and that it contributes to policy development.

A total of five publication and three reports were produced targeting interventions that improve the condition of the environment, and dependent users with a general objective of securing a sustainable future for East Africa’s coastal zone.

In the coming years, CORDIO will continue advocating for management actions as a form of intervention through research and also try to influence those with the power to make informed interventions.