GCRMN-ICRS Town Hall meeting

This page supports the session “Coral reef reporting – from science to policy” (joined with a workshop on Conservation Evidence) on 22 June 2016 – 19:30-21:30; Room 301B, at the International Coral Reef Symposium in Hawaii, USA.

Working groups/huddles will use the following identical questionnaire forms to enter their work. SELECT ANY ONE OF THE FOLLOWING LINKS AT RANDOM.

Once you have submitted the form, your work is saved.

Further instructions are given below, including if you write on a local file on your computer/tablet/phone and/or a physical sheet of paper (very traditional!!).


Working in a ‘huddle’

1.Introduce yourselves to one anotherstate a PERSONAL reason or experience that explains why you are here. (3 mins)

2.pick a form (above) at random – enter your names, and the email address of the rapporteur (1 min)

3.What topic? each person to indicate which topic you want, agree on one

4.Within this, write a clear issue/problem statement (40 words) (5 mins).

5.issues/problems/weaknessesdo two quick rounds, writing them down. Refine/merge/rate and prioritize them. (5 mins).

6.for the top issue/problem, identify strengths/opportunities/solutionssame method –refine/merge/rate and prioritize (5 mins).

7.identify a strategy for delivering these solutions, key responsibilities (3 mins)

8.craft a ‘key action message’ identifying clear next steps (40 words) a clear objective/target, time/space boundaries (2 mins).

Pick another topic, repeat – enter the next priority that you identified during the 1st round.

Using a local file/sheet of paper

If you enter your work on a local file on your device or use one of the physical sheets of paper provided, please do the following:

Enter the following field names and numbers, and answer them accordingly. Email the file to gcrmn@cordioea.net with “GCRMN working group results” in the Subject”.

Field names:

  1. Names of participants:
  2. Rapporteur/Contact email:
  3. Which topic are you choosing?
  4. Issue/problem/weaknesses
  5. Strengths/opportunities/solutions
  6. Strategy for solution
  7. Key action message (40 words) (to be read out in plenary)

If you use a physical sheet of paper, please transcribe your work into a file, or access one of the online forms (links above) after the session, to submit your results. At the same time, take a photo of your sheet and email the image, as a backup.

For any enquiries or further suggestions, write to gcrmn@cordioea.net

Additional information can be found at:

General description of the initiative – here.

Questionnaires/surveys on essential variables and the GCRMN – here.