Sustainable and responsible fishing


A policy brief (published in 2011) based on the results of detailed analyses of long term trends in fishery catches and a thorough review of research on artisanal fisheries in Kenya, was prepared through a USAID-funded project “Promoting sustainable and responsible fishing in Kenya, 2009-2011″.

In the brief, several actions to improve coastal fisheries and their habitats were identified:

  1. Take specific precautionary action for three groups of coastal species:
  • rabbit fish – Siganus sutor – “tafi”
  • seagrass parrot fish – Leptoscarus vaigiensis – “pono”
  • emperors – Lethrinus spp. – “changu”
  1. Fully enforce the ban on beach seines
  2. Legalise the speargun
  3. Promote Marine Protected Areas as a fisheries management tool
  4. Conduct scientific research on by-catch from gillnets.