what we do

Local Marine Resource Management

Our method

CORDIO applies its scientific and technical knowledge to actively support communities and local institutions in developing sustainable marine management practices.

CORDIO’s ability to bridge top-level science with community-level management is an important aspect of its work and positioning within its field. 

CORDIO has played a central role in supporting communities in the development and implementation of LMMAs and documenting their impacts in Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania.

CORDIO has also worked directly with fishing communities and local government bodies to monitor, train and track small scale fisheries and their impacts in order to develop best management practices.

CORDIO promotes approaches to establishing the sustainable financing status of management efforts, for the design and development of effective financing strategies and the presentation of case studies. 

capacity building

CORDIO provides a range of direct support services through training, monitoring and community exchanges. Community trainers are also taught how to deliver capacity building initiatives in the long term. 

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