WIO commitments and scenarios for SDG14

This week in Maputo, countries and partners in the Northern Mozambique Channel initiative have re-grouped to identify future pathways for implementing SDG14 in the Western Indian Ocean.

See this press release on the event from WWF Madagascar.

The process started at the Preparatory Workshop to the UN Ocean Conference in the Seychelles in May 2017, and during the UN Ocean Conference in June 2017, as key to achieving the SDG14 targets in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO). In May, the WIO developed joint voluntary commitments towards enhancing regional collaboration around sustainable ocean management and meeting the SDG14 targets. This week participants will add detail to these Voluntary Commitments, generating a roadmap for implementation in the future.

A Transformative Scenario Process was also initiated in the Seychelles, and will be continued this week. The approach – bringing together influential stakeholders from different perspectives, sectors and countries to develop a set of possible futures – aims at providing decision-making support tools that will guide WIO countries in identifying ways of achieving the SDG14 targets and better anticipating and adapting to the emerging future. Participants from governments, civil society and the private sector will consider drivers of change and uncertainties identified in May. From this they will draft a set of 3-4 structured, well-considered narratives, describing potential futures for the Northern Mozambique Channel (NMC).

This process also build on decades of joint programming by the regional projects of the Nairobi Convention for the protection and sustainable management of the marine environment. Past analyses conducted by these projects at country and regional levels have summarized the major risks and opportunities, developed joint action programmes for future work and illustrated ‘best case’ and ‘business as usual’ scenarios for the future. This process amplifies these and identifies other plausible futures. In so doing, it will provide clear and relevant narratives that decision-makers at any level can use to contribute their part to good outcomes and sustainable development in individual countries and at the regional level.

A final workshop will be held in 2018 to validate and finalize the scenarios and collective actions towards SDG targets. This will deliver a set of regionally relevant scenarios that will guide implementation discussions around regional SDG14 commitments and the NMC partnership, and in the context of the Nairobi Convention and other regional and continental processes.