The application of geospatial sciences in natural resource management has spread very fast in the last decade. CORDIO East Africa developed a GIS unit that seeks to realise the use of mapping and mapping tools for answering coastal and marine resource management questions in Eastern Africa. CORDIO has applied GIS and Remote sensing across various projects locally and regionally and is behind the force driving CORDIO Marine Spatial Planning Atlas for the WIO dubbed MASPAWIO. Currently, the GIS unit employs both commercial and open-source coastal and marine GIS software including ESRI ArcGIS 10.5, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online Quantum GIS, DIVA-GIS, and SAGA GUI and R program.

Among internal and external projects’ components the unit is supporting include:

-Participatory mapping of coastal and marine resources along Kenya, Djibouti and Mozambique coast

-Spatial analysis and mapping of coral reef resilience in the Western Indian Ocean

-Spatial analysis of coral bleaching in the Western Indian Ocean

-Spatial analysis and mapping of fish spawning aggregations in south coast Kenya

-Spatial analysis of migrant fisher’s resource use patterns in Kenya

-Environmental sensitive area mapping coordinated by Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute and Kenya Maritime Authority

-Support to Marine Spatial Planning in the WIO

Visual Products generated from various projects