The NMC Ocean Economy

The regional ocean economy report found that the ocean assets of the Western Indian Ocean region are valued at US$333.8 billion, and annual output at US$ 20.8 billion – 4th in line after the 3 largest economies of the region.

What this means for the Northern Mozambique Channel as a key subregion of the WIO is a major question for the initiative. By population, the NMC hosts 1/6th of the regional coastal people – or 10 million out of 60-70 million.

The report shows that the WIO’s most valuable assets are fisheries, mangroves, seagrass beds and coral reefs. Adjacent coastal and carbon-absorbing assets are also central to the well-being of communities and the health of the ocean economy. The analysis finds that the region is heavily dependent on high-value ocean natural assets that are already showing signs of decline. The report offers a set of priority actions required to secure a sustainable, inclusive ‘blue economy’ for the region, and thus to provide food and livelihoods for growing populations.

The WIO report identifies 7 priority actions for sustainability, strongly founded on the Sustainable Development Goals and targeting decision-makers gathering at the UN Ocean Conference for SDG 14 from June 5-9 2017 in New York. Priority actions and pathways for development in the NMC are being explored through a scenarios process running from 2017-2018 in the context of SDG 14, to provide directions for the countries, and implementation of the NMC activities into the future.

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