Innovating and sharing knowledge for coastal resilience in Eastern Africa

Project description


1 July 2018 – 30 June 2023 (project year runs from July to June)


Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Madagascar.


Norad (Norway), Section for Research, Innovation and Higher Education

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This project will work in three countries to generate and catalyze knowledge through high impact research that can help deliver on the countries’ “blue economy” aspirations for sustainable development.

Activities will focus on Kenya, Tanzania, and, Mozambique with particular sub-national focus on local government actions to sustain marine ecosystems and sustainable use. Priority locations will be in Kenya and the Northern Mozambique Channel.

The impact we seek to achieve is “high quality knowledge from research and community-based natural resource management experience is integrated into planning and implementation frameworks in marine and coastal sectors in Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Madagascar“.

The project has 3 main components, outlined on the left column of this page.