Component Two

COMPONENT 2. Protection of vulnerable and resilient coral reefs is improved through ecological risk assessment and strengthened policy and management actions. The outcome of this component will be to synthesize regional research and monitoring on coral reefs by making it relevant to delivery of two SDG14 targets – 14.2 on improved coral reef health, and 14.5 on increased area under effective protection and management.

OUTPUT 2.1 Assessment of the threat status and vulnerability of coral reefs, identifying climate refuges and priority locations and actions for coral reef protection. This output will implement a formal risk assessment of coral reefs using the IUCN Red list of Ecosystems method, at the regional level for the Western Indian Ocean in year 1, building on regional coordination under the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN) and National Coral Reef Task Forces. Higher resolution digital atlases of the findings in each of the four countries will be produced in years 2-5, including filling data gaps through reef surveys.

OUTPUT 2.2. Coral reef management improved through evidence based priority actions, strengthening national and regional networks of protected areas. National consultations will be implemented through relevant partners to identify tangible actions resulting from the reef vulnerability assessment, contribute to achievement of SDG Targets 14.2 and 14.5, with monitoring designed to measure success at local and national scales.