National Coral Reef Assessments in Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique

Following the completion of the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) Red List of Ecosystems (RLE) assessment in May 2020, CORDIO is turning its attention to undertaking national-level coral reef assessments relevant for policy and management needs in three focal countries: Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique. This initiative is part of a 5-year NORAD funded project ‘Innovating and sharing knowledge for coastal resilience in Eastern Africa’ and will take place between 2020-2023.

Project Overview

The project aims to undertake assessments using reef resilience and vulnerability concepts and principles for policy and/or management needs. CORDIO will work with key stakeholders in each country to identify and engage in relevant policy processes. Once decision-support information needs are determined, we will develop relevant scientific assessments based on the available data, with various outcomes possible, for example identification of degraded areas most suitable for assisted coral restoration, priority areas for new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) or coral reef Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs).

Each country will have an independent process designed to meet their specific requirements.

Main Steps proposed for undertaking the national assessments

Call for Collaboration

The process requires critical input and collaboration from various stakeholders to develop effective approaches. The target stakeholder groups include: Research/scientific community, policy /decision-makers, Resource managers, Fishing communities, General public, Private sector/business, NGOs and any other relevant groups.

Stakeholder involvement will take place at different stages throughout the process.

Timeline and Activities

The project will take place between 2020-2023, with most of the quantitative analysis and research planed for the first year, followed by efforts to integrate findings into relevant management and policy frameworks.

Forms of collaboration

Partners and Support

The project is led and coordinated by CORDIO East Africa. Partnerships and collaborations will be requested from numerous research partners from the focus countries.

Details of each national process will be made available at the following pages: Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique.