David Obura

Sustainability science, coral reefs, tropical ecology and peoples' dependence on nature

This page pulls together some science and knowledge that I am directly engaged in, that identifies broader directions that conservation must turn towards this decade, to contribute to a sustainable future.

Some of it is my primary writing, others I have been a participant in, and others I follow, to integrate a ‘big picture’ thinking of what may be ‘sustainable pathways’ or ‘safe and just corridors’ into the future. 

Together, these show a foundation for future directions.


My primary writing:

– shared spaces – on empowering local action that contributes to global goals, and commons approaches

SDG narratives – the SDGs as integrating vision, especially at local levels.

– biodiversity – the global biodiversity framework – will or won’t actors implement it to the depth needed?


The bigger picture:

Equity – for all, and the ‘tropical majority‘.

– Exceedence of multiple earth system boundaries, tropical coastal vulnerability, and potential solutions

– Finance – the economic foundations, and directions for transformation of biodiversity finance.