Results – Tanzania


In Tanzania, the overall national score was 74 for the Habiat sub-goal, and the score for each zone varied greatly with Pwani and Pemba scoring the lowest (61.6 and 65.5) while Unguja and Lindi had the highest scores (87.4 and 84.5 respectively). Future state is estimated to be appreciably lower than the current status except for Unguja.

The Fisheries sub-goal could not be calculated for Tanzania due to data accessibility issues, available fish catch data being collected at family level and not disaggregated by zones and stock assessment information for priority fisheries being inaccessible or non-existent.

Habitat sub-goal analysis scores for status, future, pressure, resilience and overall sub-goal score by zone, and the national average (average of each zone). Maximum score possible is 100; for each score category the colours indicate performance relative to the scale under the table, except pressures which is the inverse


Map showing delineation of soft boundaries forming 7 ‘zones’ for the assessment extending 12nm offshore to the end of the territorial waters. The proposed sub-divisions of Tanzania’s ocean territory are purely hypothetical and have been made solely for the purpose of the OHI+ Tanzania assessment.