Our Sea Our Life Project update – December 2015

We are working in Cabo Delgado, northern Mozambique, to assess the status of coral reefs to provide current measures of biodiversity and the status of vulnerable species.

We are also quantifying the artisanal fisheries that operate around these reefs to help define best management options and set exploitation targets. The aim of this work is to provide the knowledge needed to help local communities through their Community Fishery Councils design and establish LMMAs to improve their fishing livelihoods.

This work falls under the “Our Sea Our Life” (OSOL) project, led by the Zoological Society of London, and with partners Associacao de Meio Ambiente (AMA), Bioclimate, University Lurio (Pemba, Mozambique) and University of Lisbon.

; more information is available here:


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OSOL recently released a video describing the project:

One of the big issues the project is dealing with is the use of mosquito nets for fishing, a practice that has become widespread across East Africa in the last decade.

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