CORDIO Programmes

Since its inception, CORDIO has worked in four core areas, below. Programme and project descriptions will be added to this page over time, and linked to the respective regions.

1) Coral reef ecological monitoring and research – focussing on establishing trends in coral reef health, and research into critical aspects of reef ecology. Major themes include coral bleaching patterns, coral recruitment, fish community structure and coral/zooxanthellae symbiotic interactions.

2) Fish and fisheries – monitoring of fish catch and resource populations, often with resource users as participants and partners, to determine how global and local threats combine to affect the livelihoods of people dependent on coral reef resources.

3) Socio-economic monitoring and research – work is focussing on the development of a socio-economic monitoring methodology that is low-cost and sustainable, based on resource user participation, and appropriate to the needs of coral reef and fisheries managers.

4) Education and awareness – training and capacity building of resource users, through participation in monitoring and research, and through targeted education programmes. Additionally, materials targeting schools and the general public are being developed. Research and monitoring results are reported in formats suitable for managers and policy makers in government, as well as the scientific community.