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Policy and Advocacy

Our contribution

CORDIO’s work throughout its history has focused on generating science, research, and informational tools that can inform and improve marine policies and governance.

Improving policy and governance processes at different levels is key to addressing the present and horizon threats of overexploitation, unsustainable coastal development, and global changes that threaten marine biodiversity and ecosystem benefits across the WIO region.


CORDIO’s work here include ongoing technical inputs to the CBD, the Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). 


Our technical expertise and strong roots in Kenya, the WIO and the global coral reef community, enable a wide-ranging engagement with marine and conservation policy development.


Through our research and multistakeholder engagement, we are able to help craft legislative guidelines for LMMAs in Keny, and inform small scale fishing gear policy advisories.


Our work here empowers local communities to collectively participate in local governance of marine resources, for their benefit and that of marine ecosystems. 


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