CORDIO in the Global Partnership for Oceans (GPO)

The Global Partnership for Oceans is focused on our dependence on healthy oceans to feed the planet’s growing population, support millions oflivelihoods, contribute hundreds of billions of dollars annually to the global economy, and to provide essential environmental services, including climate regulation.

See the Blue Ribbon Panel’s report – 16 October 2013

Follow the discussion following release of the report …

Africa and sustainable fisheries, in response to a narrow interpretation onprivatization of resources.

The GPO will convene stakeholders to mobilize significant human, financial and institutional resources for effective public and private investments in priority ocean areas. These investments will improve capacity and aim to close the gap in implementing global, regional and national commitments for healthy and productive oceans.

Three priority themes have been identified:

  1. Sustainable seafood and livelihoods from capture fisheries and aquaculture
  2. Critical coastal and ocean habitats and biodiversity
  3. Pollution reduction

An expert panel, the Blue Ribbon Panel, was selected by GPO Partners, with David Obura, CORDIO’s founding director, nominated to the panel.

The task of the Panel is to identify principles and criteria to prioritize investments undertaken by the GPO.

The conclusions of the BRP will be announced at a high profile ocean summit, now planned for early 2014.

The Summit will feature heads of state and prominent global leaders.

See the following documents detailing the goals of the GPO and terms of reference of the Blue Ribbon Panel.

GPO Declaration

GPO Information sheet