Tiger SharkSharks have become extremely rare in East Africa. Underwater surveys on reefs in Tanzania, Comoros, Madagascar and Mozambique to assess population densities of large reef associated fishes recorded no sharks except for one site in Cabo Delgado, northern Mozambique; in contrast sharks in Chagos were observed at most reefs.

These results, combined with concerns on the status of sharks worldwide ( led us to raise funds in 2014 for pilot research on sharks designed to raise awareness and improve management. With colleagues from Windsor University and the Zoological Society of London we are using satellite tags on tiger sharks to assess their movements and to raise awareness of shark conservation regionally. The first satellite SPOT tags were deployed on 5 tiger sharks in 2014 in Kenya ( though further funding to continue this tagging has been difficult to find.

Our current work is compiling shark records from artisanal fisheries in Kenya and Mozambique.