Responding to the coronavirus emergency

To all our colleagues, partners and friends … STAY SAFE!!!

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We hope that you are keeping safe in your respective homes around the world under this unprecedented pandemic. We are monitoring the Kenyan government warnings and advisories daily to make sure we stay safe and work from home.

So we have physically closed our Mombasa office and all staff are now working from home, and we’ll continue this until government advisories allow otherwise. We have ramped up all staff remote access, are conducting meetings virtually and ensuring our IT systems support this quickly and efficiently. We are fortunate that much of the work we do is at a computer, so although this is not “business as usual” we are working full time. Travel and field work are postponed until further notice so we are revising work plans to shift desk work forward and field work back. In this respect the timing for us is fortunate as the NE monsoon is coming to a close so naturally our field work at sea ends to avoid the strong SE winds.

Please keep in touch with us and stay as safe as you can.


Photo credits: Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash