Red List of Ecosystem (RLE) Validation Workshop – A Discussion on the Vulnerability of WIO Coral Reefs

The Red List of Ecosystems of coral reefs of the WIO Validation Workshop took place at the Bamburi Beach Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, on the 21 and 22 January 2020.

It was attended by 30 participants from 7 WIO countries (Comoros, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Seychelles, South Africa, and Tanzania) and the United Kingdom most of whom attended the Inception Workshop held in March 2019. The workshop was organised by CORDIO and aimed to:

-Update key stakeholders on the progress of the WIO coral reef RLE assessment
-Validate the analysis methods and preliminary results
-Discuss the key gaps and possible solutions
-Brainstorm the implementation of findings at both regional and national levels

Results Validation Discussions

Day one began with an overview of the RLE framework followed by presentations on the spatial-scale and the ecosystem conceptual model and then the data, analysis methods and preliminary results of the four criteria (A to D). This laid the foundation for working groups to discuss and reflect on the findings, identify the gaps and propose solutions for the assessment. Major discussions were focused on clarifying the relatively complicated methods for criterion D, selecting the most suitable collapse threshold values for criterion A, C, and D and further refining of the fish analysis for criterion D, and were fed back by working groups at the start of the second day. This was followed by an interactive session to synthesise the individual criteria results in overall results led by David Obura. Participants from different countries were also given a special session to present their works related to the assessment. See the Workshop Report and Video for further details.

Participants feedback

To invoke national discussion on the potential use and communication of the RLE products, a question was posed to participants to identify National processes and opportunities where RLE results could be ingested to inform management and policy. Interestingly, a lot of overlapping synergies on the use of the RLE products was eminent during the national feedback sessions across the region. This underscores the need for a timely release of RLE products.

Project Follow – Up

Building from the workshop inputs, the CORDIO technical team will consider the points identified during the workshop to finalise the analysis in February and draft a technical report with contributions from various partners to submit to the IUCN for approval in March/April.  All participants in the process (through workshops and contributing data) will be included as co-authors in the final publication with their consent. National partners will also assist CORDIO to identify target national and regional fora to disseminate the results as well as national and regional management and policy processes where the findings can be utilised, such as the upcoming Nairobi Convention CoP 2020 in Madagascar.

The assessment will be presented at the International Coral Reef Symposium in Germany in July.

RLE 2020