The new natural

This new podcast series from IPBES ‘Speed Dating with the Future‘ holds conversations around peoples’ relationship with nature. The latest episode, linked here, is with CORDIO’s David Obura, on the ‘new normal’ that will emerge in the Anthropocene, what coral reefs tell us about how it might be, and the need for cooperation and collective action – listening to and accommodating one another – to build a truly sustainable future. View the whole series here.

The episode features voices from a 10 minute documentary CORDIO recently made on community fishers and their efforts to secure their resources through Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs). The video is accessible here, and in the podcast the voices of Dickson Juma and James Tsofa from Kenya’s first LMMA in Kuruwitu, and Abdallah Loita from Djibouti are borrowed from the video, explaining their perspectives on keeping coral reefs healthy.

The series, hosted by @BritGarner and Rob Spaull of IPBES has touched on the Covid pandemic, different knowledge systems and transformative change, before getting to this week’s episode on coral reefs and the emerging state of the world in coming decades.