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Just three years after members of the Munje Beach Management Area Unit shared their desire to develop a Collaborative Management Area plan, the strategy to support their vision of a healthy, sustaining and well-governed ocean has come fruition. Read this brief highlight of the launch event of the plan.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

March 14, 2024, marked the culmination of three-years of intensive multistakeholder efforts to support members of the Munje Beach Management Unit (BMU) formulate their 2024-2029 Collaborative Management Area (CMA) plan. The journey of initiating, reviewing and developing the strategic document was an intensive one, CORDIO offering a helping hand throughout.

It all began in June 2021 when Munje BMU members presented their co-management ideas to Kwale County fisheries officers, the local authority acknowledging the need for action. CORDIO consequently supported the review and development of framework, coordinating community debate and feedback on desired clauses. The exercise was supported by the Locally Empowered Area Protection project which aims to improve local governance of marine resources across the Western Indian Ocean. A PDF copy of the local governance framework is embedded right. 

Munje BMU Chairman Hamisi Bakari Chimete had this to say about the development of the plan:

“As BMU members, we observed the deteriorating environment and declining fisheries, prompting us to propose managing the Munje fishing grounds. Although our previous attempt at establishing an octopus closure failed, we learned valuable lessons and sought to rectify our approach. With the support of Fisheries who introduced us to CORDIO, we commenced the process of reviewing and developing the Co-Management Area (CMA) plan.”

Lenice Ojwang, who had initiated the review and development of the plan under CORDIO’s Policy and Advocacy work, also offered some general remarks:

“We received a call from the Fisheries officers informing us about the BMU’s request. Despite not having a specific project targeting such initiatives, we agreed to support it, recognizing its community-driven nature.”

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The review and development of the Munje CMA plan were thorough and collaborative, involving diverse stakeholders such as the local BMU, neighbouring BMUs, administrative officers, government institutions, academia, private organizations, and NGOs. Their collective contributions greatly enhanced the process’s effectiveness.

Through extensive discussions, visioning, data collection, and approval of the CMA plan, we ensured community involvement and understanding. Stakeholders provided continuous support and reaffirmed their commitment to implement the approved management plans during the launch.

With a five-year vision summarised as “Bahari imehifadhika, uchumi na elimu ya jamii imeimarika.”  (to conserve the ocean and enhance the economy and community education,) Munje BMU takes pride in having the sole up-to-date CMA Plan in Kwale County, approved for the period 2023-2028. During the launch, the BMU reiterated its call for stakeholders to support its vision, aiming to become a leading example of successful community-led conservation under a beach management unit.

Learn more about what goes inside a collaborative management plan here. 


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