Scientific Expertise is

the Core of our Identity

CORDIO is one of the leading sources of scientific and monitoring expertise on coral reefs in the region, including their resilience to climate change, and other related topics such as coastal fisheries, endangered species and biogeography. CORDIO’s research effectively bridges science and management, notably through its body of work pioneering sustainability in artisanal fishing gears and the establishment of LMMAs in Kenya.

 CORDIO’s publications are diverse and increasingly multi-disciplinary, ranging from top global scientific journals such as Science and Nature, to user-friendly manuals on fisheries and LMMAs designed for local communities and other managers. CORDIO employs a collaborative, inclusive and open research culture, spanning numerous other conservation organisations, government agencies and academic institutions.


Research Areas

Coral Reefs

Our primary research in this area is on coral reef resilience, particularly to climate change.


Our research focuses on enhancing sustainable management of fisheries and the protection of vulnerable fish species. 

Social Sciences

Our research here builds knowledge on intersection of conservation and society, particularly local coastal communities.