Our Strategic Plan

The CORDIO East Africa team are looking forward to an exciting and productive five-year programme to address their mission to improve the health and
resilience of marine ecosystems and coastal peoples’ well-being

 in the Western Indian Ocean.

The new Strategic Plan outlines CORDIO’s innovative approaches in research, conservation action and support to policy and governance, and is captured in four Goals:

  1. Improving policy and governance for marine biodiversity and the people dependent on it.
  2. Supporting local management of marine resources by strengthening LMMAs and other co-management approaches in Kenya and across the Western Indian Ocean (WIO).
  3. Building scientific knowledge and capacity for marine conservation and management.
  4. Strengthening CORDIO’s internal capacity, with a focus on internal leadership and team development, fundraising and communications.

CORDIO will achieve these goals through building on its established reputation as a worldclass scientific research organisation and leader in coral reef ecology, tropical small-scale fisheries and monitoring. CORDIO’s interconnected approach that integrates, through partnerships, science, policy, management and governance, is highly adapted to achieve these ambitious goals.

Our Theory of Change

The Theory of Change is embedded in our objectives, in the scales at which we work, and in our development of partnership and engagement with people.

David Obura
Director, CORDIO East Africa