The Protection of

Sharks and Groupers

Improving species catch data collection for the conservation and management of sharks and rays in Kenya

Reporting on sharks and rays in fisheries catch data in Kenya is aggregated into a single group called “sharks and rays.” As such critical species-specific information on catch composition and trends is lost, thereby hampering the development of a conservation and management plan for these important and vulnerable species.

This project aims to:

i) introduce species level identification in the collection of catch and effort data on sharks and rays at three primary fish landing sites and

ii) assess species specific threats from fishing to develop a policy brief for government management agencies.

The project will also facilitate an increased understanding and awareness of the ecological importance of sharks and rays among fishers and managers.


The information generated from this project will complement current efforts in developing Kenya’s National Plan of Action for the Conservation of Sharks, as well as be fed directly to regional bodies such as the Shark Species Specialist Group of IUCN and the Nairobi Convention to contribute to regional strategy development on sharks and rays.
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